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About Us

Our Maine Coon cattery AmbientCat is registered in TICA and WCF.

We have decided to start our own cattery, because we are in love with Maine Coons and feel happy being surrounded by their long flowing tails, graceful movements, splendid coats, grand whiskers and beautiful voices. Our cats help (or "help" :) us with everything we do. They create a warm atmosphere at our home and give much positive emotions. That's why we've named our cattery Ambient Cat. (Ambient - surrounding, encircling, completely enveloping, creating the special atmosphere or mood arround and inside, making you feel something).

We like to take photos of cats and show their beauty to other people. Our aim is to breed beautiful, healthy, large, harmonious, well-socialized, intellectual maine coon cats of a best possible type with a nice personality. We plan rare litters and don't plan many cats in our cattery.

During the last years we visit cat shows when possible and try to get to know more about the breed and it's standard. We study genetics and physiology of cats. Three felinology courses are finished for now. And we keep on learning because felinology is a serious study and breeding is not just a reproduction but also special knowledges and experience.

We have raised our first maine coon under a guidance of an experienced breeder Olena Tometska. We are grateful to Olena for all her continued help, advice and friendship. Our wonderful male cat Justcoons Do Not Forget came to us from Germany. We are very grateful to Katharina Mager for her trust.

We hope to show more beautiful cats and cute kittens at our site. Visit our site and enjoy new photos!

Kind Regards!
Irina and Andrew

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