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Maine coons are great cats, they are big and beautiful, playful and funny, kind and gentle, intellectual and tactful, noble and friendly. History of origin of Maine Coon goes into the depths of centuries. The cat has all the features of a real hunter, but they also make a wonderful pet. Maine coons are easily groomed and generally get along fine with kids and dogs, as well as other cats. Our maine coon cattery is registered in TICA and WCF and located in Sevastopol, Ukraine. We are members of the local cat club "Garfield". Our coonies are all indoors-cats, they live with us and we spend much time together, especially near our computers. Some cats live with our reliable friends and will take part in our breeding program. We care about our cats health and try to breed beautiful, typeful maine coon cats with wonderful temperament. Sometimes we take part in cat shows. Sometimes we have kittens available but we don't plan many litters per year. Our kittens don't leave the home before they are at least 14 weeks old. They get a micro chip, all needed vaccinations, treatments and documents. We prefer to sell our kittens as pets to loving homes. Pet kittens are neutered. A few best kittens can be sold for breeding to registered breeders. Feel free to contact us with questions and requests.

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